Mens arrested after allegedly robbing $192,800 from Alabama casino


Federal prosecutors have caught two men, including a previous employee, for allegedly stealing $192,800 from an Alabama casino the other day after a worker left keys on top of a gaming kiosk.

The former Wind Creek Montgomery casino employee Jory D’Michael Travunn Dumas and Timothy Dean Pettiway were arrested Tuesday and so are both charged with theft from a gaming establishment on Indian lands for the Aug. 10 heist, relating to federal court documents.

The money was stolen from two kiosks, or cash machines after a casino employee checked out the keys and remaining them atop a kiosk.

Dumas, Pettiway’s nephew, was dismissed from the case Friday after prosecutors said the original investigation had incorrectly recognized him as the one who found the keys from the kiosk.

An FBI overview of Wind Creek’s security footage discovered that Pettiway was the main one to take the keys.

But U.S. Magistrate Judge Gray Borden on Friday recommended Dumas that though his charge have been dismissed, the prosecution could still present costs against him to another grand jury.

Court papers allege casino employee Courtney Stanton tested keys to kiosks 8 and 19, even though surveillance footage showed her leaving the keys along with a machine and taking walks away before Pettiway retrieved the keys.

Footage in court Friday showed a guy alleged to end up being Pettiway taking one money box from kiosk 19. As the kiosk houses multiple cash boxes with expenses of different denominations, courtroom testimony exposed, Pettiway allegedly eliminated the package of $100 bills.

Pettiway after that took the box right into a restroom Dumas was regarded as in. Pettiway later on exited, walked to kiosk 8, and repeated the task.

Around once, another casino worker noticed Machine 8 wasn’t functioning properly. Stanton informed tribal law enforcement she reported her keys lacking to her supervisor and notified security.

Casino protection entered the washroom to get empty money boxes in the handicapped stall from devices 8 and 19.

“Financial information obtained from the Casino indicate $100,800 in $100 costs denominations are unaccounted for from the dispenser cassette assigned to Kiosk machine #8 and $92,000 in $100 bill denominations are unaccounted for from the dispenser cassette designated to Kiosk machine #19,” court papers state.