The F-Word: Is attending ICE the best use of your time?


Because the ICE prospect swings circular once even more, the gambling establishment and gambling community are usually descending about London another week-long jamboree of expensive sandwiches and social networking.

Except it isn’t really actually per week, is it? A few ICE veterans possess a rule: “It’s just seventy-two hours,” but in fact, it’s much less than that.

Certainly!, it is 3 times but the display hours will be 10 am till 6 pm in the 1st two occasions and 10-4pm regarding the 3rd. Ignoring installation period to get exhibitors, for a lot of the 30,000-plus guests that translates to 22 hours of actual ICE time.

Presuming site visitors go to a few night hours events, every for 4 hours, and spend an additional hour a day time in the Boulevard or at The Fox pre- or post starting, the typical period put in operating for ICE is available in about 37 hours.

After that, there is some late-night drinks/networking in the hotel, probably two times a night for 3 nights? A few of relevant email messages on the teach / aircraft pursuing up warm prospects, plus talking in a few distributed cabs or perhaps on the DLR, and all those additional actions that require a VAT receipt. Let us move to pertain to 48 hours.

Forty-eight several hours. Not really therefore poor, ideal? Okay, not really consequently lengthy that you could proceed without drinking water or keep your breathing but barely a loss of life phrase. And why do you certainly not become there? Snow continues to be an exceptional organization chance.